Friday, March 04, 2005

Even Better Than I Expected

David told me last night at dinner that the plans have changed for our stay in Whistler. As I said before, we were supposed to stay only one night. Due to a big conference there over the week, there wasn't any room for Friday night. Furthermore, the only rooms left for Saturday were big, fancy ones, which he booked regardless. I thought that it was a tad disappointing that we couldn't stay two nights. At the cost of the night, you really want to at least have 24h of use of the room to make it worth it! Well, last night David told me that he managed to book us for Friday night as well, so we're off to Whistler tonight after work and are spending 2 nights in this lovely, super fancy hotel! He got to downgrade the one room for a two-night stay, for just about the same price. Talk about expensive stuff! I'm very excited and nervous, and I'm not sure why... but it will be great to have a very romantic weekend, just the both of us.


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