Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Of course!

On last Friday evening I sent an email to the lady that helps my mom plan & book almost all of her vacations, hoping that she could help me out. Today, she replied, and of course, it wasn't really of any help... or in fact, of no help at all. That's just my luck! She strongly recommend that I wait another month and see what comes up then, so that I can book a flight with a set return date. So, she pretty much said that I should call her back March 15 and see if she can help me then. That she'd think about it then. To me, that's just ridiculous! How is waiting a month and 1/2 just to see if she can beat any prices/flights that I was already quoted any good? I'm sure that if I end up waiting, I'll end up being quoted something ridiculous... Arg!

So I asked her to quote me something, anything, to give me a hint as to whether it's worth waiting or not... but one month and a half! That's so long... I just want a ticket in my hands! Now!


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