Wednesday, July 06, 2005


got my visa!

So as mentioned earlier, I arranged for my Chinese Visa. It's actually pretty easy and straight forward, as long as you can get the time off work in order to make it to their short business hours. When I went back to pick up my visa on Wednesday, I was there 10 minutes before they opened their door and the line-up was already really long, but 30 minutes later I was out of there, with my new visa sticker in my passport.

And just now, I've arranged for my Australian ETA through their online service. An ETA is Australia's visa equivalent without the bureaucracy and the passport space.

Today was also spent on the phone with the embassy of Vietnam for cost and procedures for a visa application. I've also spent too many hours online trying to figure out if Vietnam has more than two border crossing with Laos, as I have to declare my port of entry on the application. I've secured passport-sized pictures and got my money order. Tomorrow, I will be mailing everything to Ottawa and hopefully if all goes well I will have my passport back before I leave!

So, amiss the chaos of trying to get everything done in less than 22 days now, some things are finally falling into places. It's sort of comforting, although not enough! I'm completely freaking out about what's left to be done and what I've gotten myself into...

Freaking out, scared, petrified, terrified, regretful, anxious... shitting my pants!

That's normal, right?


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